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What is a home business?

Definition of a home business

You can check on the LEP requirements for your area on your local Council’s website and see whether your home business complies with one of the relevant definitions.

If your proposed home business does not meet any of the home business definitions, contact the Duty Planner of your local Council for further advice.

The following businesses are not included in the definition of a home business:

  •  Bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday rental accommodation including Airbnb and campgrounds. (Note: On 5 June 2018, the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation announced a whole–of–government approach to regulating short-term holiday letting space (STHL) in New South Wales. A new planning framework will simplify and clarify the planning regulation of STHL. A mandatory Code of Conduct will also be introduced that will apply to anyone involved in providing or using STHL including hosts, guests, online booking platforms, and letting agents).
  • Home occupation (sex services) or sex services premises including brothels.

You should speak to your local council about the requirements for operating these activities.