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About us

As an independent voice, the Commissioner is a passionate supporter and advocate of small businesses while striving to resolve any issues impacting on their day-to-day operation.


If your business has a problem, we want to help. Whether it’s speaking up for your business at the highest levels, or working to influence and change government policy, we can help you identify opportunities and overcome obstacles.


As a neutral mediator, we can offer the best chance of resolving your retail or other commercial lease dispute before being heard in court. We can also help with other civil matters which might involve other businesses or government agencies.


We're here to answer questions, help resolve common business issues and make it easier to do businessWe engage directly with businesses and their representatives to understand the concerns of small business and the key issues they face.

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If you’re a small business looking for help, an enterprise looking to grow, or a local Council, we’re here for you.

Need business advice?

If you’re a small business in need, we can give you advice and support.


Looking for help?

Need information on running a business? We’ve got you covered.

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Advice for Councils

We support Councils to grow their local economies.