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Get Ready for Disasters

Guides to help you prepare for and recover from disaster

Many business owners think an emergency probably won’t happen to them. However, preparing your business to survive such an event is vital for every business owner.

With the frequency and severity of natural disasters increasing in Australia, it has never been more important for businesses owners and operators to be prepared for the threat of floods, fires and damaging weather.

It could also be a disaster that affects just one business, like an extended electrical outage threatening perishable stock, or cyber criminals taking over your e-commerce website.

Preparing for a disaster is simply good business. It could be the difference between your business being out of action for a few days or not re-opening at all.

The Commissioner’s Get Ready for Disasters guides help you both prepare for disasters and handle the aftermath.

Resources in the Get Ready for Disasters kit:

Get Ready Business coverGet Ready Business: Prepare your business for disasters in five simple steps

A quick guide to the steps you need to take to prepare your business to handle a disaster.

How to claim insurance guide coverInsurance Claims for Small Business

Helps you prepare your insurance claim and manage the claims process so you can get paid quicker after a disaster or disruption.

Recovery toolkit coverGet Back to Business: A guide to recovering from disaster

Takes you through the five phases of disaster recovery - from the moment the disaster hits to the actions to take over the days, weeks and months afterwards.

Continuity plan guide coverPrepare for the Unexpected: Build a Business Continuity Plan

Helps you build a tailored continuity plan for your business so you can respond quickly and effectively when a disaster strikes.