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I need help resolving a dispute


If you are in a dispute with your landlord, tenant or another business we can help.

It’s often difficult to communicate directly with someone you are having a disagreement with.

The Commission’s mediation team provides impartial assistance to help parties in dispute come to an agreement.

If required, the Commission offers formal mediation sessions conducted by a professional mediator. This low-cost service has been proven to resolve disputes efficiently, and often avoids the cost and delays associated with taking a matter to a court or tribunal.

In many cases we are able to resolve a dispute before formal mediation is required.

We offer mediation on issues including:

  • disputes between lessors (property owners, or landlords) and lessees (tenants) of shops, restaurants, offices, and industrial or commercial premises
  • lease, license or contract disputes between small businesses and Government agencies or local government
  • disagreements between contractors and subcontractors
  • franchise disputes
  • other business to business disputes

Contact our mediation team for further information or fill out the mediation application form with information about the parties and details of the dispute. We will review the application and contact you.

We treat all information provided confidentially.