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Apply for mediation

Apply for mediation

Mediation is an informal process where parties try to negotiate a lasting agreement that both parties can live with. Mediation is confidential. Nothing said in mediation can be used in court. Mediation is cheaper, quicker and often less stressful than going to court. Information regarding costs and other common questions about submitting an application are available in our guide.

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We will need to know

  • Contact details for the Applicant (who you are, or who you are representing)
  • The best contact details you have for the main Respondent (who is the other party, or their representative)
  • Some basic details about the issue, problem, or dispute
  • That you understand we will be sending the information to any other parties involved, and
  • That you understand what fees might be payable.

Bond claim disputes

If you are disputing a bond claim, you must notify Fair Trading to ensure that the bond is suspended and not released, pending the outcome of mediation or a court/tribunal determination.

Post: Locked Bag 9000 Grafton NSW 2460

Applying for mediation

Apply for mediation, a valuer appointment, or a review of a market rent determination using our online form below.

Questions in the online application that are marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. For non-mandatory questions, if you don’t know the answer, leave the relevant field blank.

There is no application fee or costs for administration of your matter, however, before a mediation conference takes place, you will be required to pay the relevant fees.

A Mediation Officer will contact you to discuss your application. All information in your application will be sent to the other parties involved, along with an offer of a date for mediation, or further instructions regarding next steps.

You can add or change information in your application at any time by speaking to a mediation officer. PDF application forms for lease disputes and business disputes are also available if you can’t use the online form.

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