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Running a home business from your rental property

If you want to operate a home business through a residential rental property you should ensure that you are able to do so under the rental agreement. For example:

  • Your contract may specifically prohibit the property being used for other than residential purposes.
  • Your rights under the Residential Tenancies Act may be affected if the primary use of the rental property is not residential.
  • The return of your bond may be affected if the rental property is damaged in the course of operating your home business.
  • It is important to obtain any necessary approvals from Council to ensure that you are not using the property for an illegal purpose.

For further information or specific tenancy advice about your home business, it is recommended that you contact the Tenant’s Union NSW or NSW Fair Trading.

Operating a home business in public housing

If you are considering operating your home business from a public housing home, you will need approval from the Department of Family and Community Services. Find out more about the Tenancy Policy regulating this area.