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What we do

If you’re a small business in NSW, we’re your biggest ally. Through advocacy and mediation we help resolve issues impacting your business.

We’re independent, and we’re proud of it. We have the skills and capability to act as a referee and a mediator, to help ensure small businesses are heard and treated fairly should conflict arise.

Whether it’s a disagreement over a contract, or a dispute over a commercial lease, anyone who’s been involved in a dispute will tell you they’re frustrating and costly in terms of time and money. It’s almost always in everyone's best interests to find a solution as early as possible. Early action keeps down the cost and stress, and helps reduce the likelihood of eroding relationships and avoids litigation. 

Our mediation service is cost effective and is closely managed in a neutral and confidential manner. We provide mediation services to small businesses experiencing commercial disputes. Our team can assist at any stage of a dispute, helping those involved to address key issues and find solutions. Whether the dispute is between businesses or business and government, we can help.

Our staff are passionate about the power of small business: many have first-hand experience, having run small businesses themselves. They can provide high quality business advice and recommend tools or services to help you thrive.

The Mediation Services team were named ADR Practice Group of the Year 2019.

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We provide free support to small businesses in need. 
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Having an issue with a third party?

Our Mediation Services team is on-hand to help.

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Get free confidential business advice

Our team provides free, confidential advice to small businesses having issues with third parties.

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Other useful resources

We’re not the only resource small businesses have access to.

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