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New guide to resolving business disputes and the role of mediation

Find out all you need to know about how and why mediation works

6 July, 2022

The NSW Small Business Commission has released a new guide on its mediation service and how it can help resolve business disputes, potentially avoiding the time and expense of going to a court or tribunal.

Getting into a dispute can, at times, be an unavoidable part of running a business, whether it be with a supplier, a customer, a tenant or landlord.

The guide, Resolving Business Disputes: A Guide to Mediation explains the mediation process, including how to prepare for a mediation, and assists business owners and operators in understanding whether mediation is the right course of action for their dispute and why it is often the best option. The guide will also be useful for lawyers and real estate agents who may need to provide informal advice on resolving disputes.

The guide answers common questions about mediation and business disputes and provides case studies of successful mediations.

NSW Small Business Commissioner Chris Lamont said that disputes were regrettably a fact of life for many small business owners and operators, but mediation could help them avoid the cost, wasted energy and trauma of a long, drawn-out dispute.

“Mediation can be a highly effective and efficient way to resolve disputes. Over the long term the overwhelming majority of disputes the Commission deals with are resolved before the need to take a matter to a court or tribunal,” Mr Lamont said.

“Please avoid unlicensed and unqualified individuals who often represent themselves as specialists or experts in leasing matters and mediation.

“This new guide will help more small businesses learn about the benefits of mediation.”

Download a PDF of Resolving Business Disputes: A Guide to Mediation