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Commission slashes fee for mediating business disputes

Cost cut by almost half

30 August, 2022

The NSW Small Business Commission has slashed the cost of its mediation service by almost half to help more businesses resolve disputes over leases and other business issues quickly and efficiently.

From 1 August 2022, the cost of mediation for each party to a dispute has been reduced from $608 to $330 (including GST). The fee allows for a mediation of up to 4 hours. Additional hours, if required, are $152 per hour, per party.

NSW Small Business Commissioner Chris Lamont encouraged more small businesses, landlords and retail and commercial tenants to consider mediation as it very often resulted in a practical solution.

“Mediation has proven to be a highly efficient and effective way of resolving business disputes, saving businesses time and money,” Mr Lamont said.

The Commission has also launched a new guide to mediation to help those considering the service to understand how the process works, what to expect and how to prepare for a mediation.

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