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Change to Retail Leases Act effective 1 January 2023

The new regulation clarifies the status of small bars and fitness centres

19 December, 2022

A new regulation under the NSW Retail Leases Act which clarifies the status of small bars and fitness centres will come into effect from 1 January 2023.

The intention of the regulation is to clarify that these businesses are covered by the Retail Leases Act regardless of whether they are located in shopping centres, retail strips or stand-alone premises.

The regulation covers gymnasiums and fitness centres, including yoga, barre, pilates and dance studios, as well as small bars with a maximum patron capacity of 120.

The Retail Leases Act sets out the rights and responsibilities of lessors and lessees under a retail lease.

The NSW Small Business Commissioner conducted a public consultation process on the proposed regulation in November 2022.

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