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Mental health for small business

Owning a small business can offer big rewards but can come at a cost. Operators should be aware of the toll that stress, worry and anxiety can have on their own health and on those around them.

Pursuing your passion and being your own boss is often equal parts exciting and stressful. Long hours, unpredictable cash flow and multiple responsibilities can make you mentally exhausted, stressed, anxious or depressed. These feelings could challenge your ability to run your business and affect your employees, suppliers, customers and family.

Support for your business

If you’re worried about how your business is performing,or are involved in a business dispute that’s causing you stress, contact us.

The NSW Government’s Mental Health at Work website outlines important information on mental health training as well as work, health and safety advice.

If your mental wellbeing is affecting your ability to pay your tax or super, information about how the Australian Taxation Office can support you is available online.

Additional help and support

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, there are organisations that can provide information and support:

beyondblue provides information on depression, anxiety and suicide. Resources are also available for the workplace and there is a help section for carers, concerned family and friends. Support is available through their helpline 1300 22 4636, via chat or email. beyondblue has also partnered with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance to create Heads Up.

Heads Up encourages everyone in the workplace to play their part in creating a mentally healthy working environment, take care of their own mental health, and look out for their colleagues. Heads Up provides individuals and organisations with free, practical information and resources to create mentally healthy workplaces and respond to mental health issues in the workplace.

Lifeline Australia is a national organisation which provides 24-hour support and suicide prevention services. Information and resources are available for concerned family and friends. Call 13 11 14 or contact them on chat.

Ahead for Business is Everymind’s fit for purpose response to the mental health and wellbeing needs of small business owners. Ahead for Business has been designed with small business, uses the voice and stories of small business owners and seeks to empower small business owners to take action for themselves and connect with others. If you would like more information on the project visit Everymind.














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