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I haven't been paid by another business for a job I've completed. What can I do?


The first step is to start the conversation with the other party about the issue. You should try to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome.

If you haven’t been able to make contact or your negotiations have broken down, our team may be able to assist. Get in touch to have a confidential chat with a mediation officer about your strategic options.


Legal options

Disputes over $20,000 but less than $100,000

Amounts over $20,000 are heard in the General Division of the local court and usually require you to have legal representation.

You may need to speak with a lawyer about your legal options and the costs involved.


Disputes under $20,000

The Small Claims Division of the Local Court can hear matters under $20,000.

You can represent yourself and do not require a lawyer.

The outcome is decided by a judge or registrar.

For information on how to take your matter through the local court visit the Law Access Website 

Try the LawAccess Guided Pathways tool to find out more about your options based on your circumstances. 



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