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Selling to the NSW Government

Selling to the NSW Government can be a great opportunity for small businesses. The Government spends about $40 billion each year on the procurement of goods, services and construction and has a policy of increasing the amount it buys from small businesses.

It can be challenging, however, for a small business to qualify as a government supplier, identify suitable tender opportunities and navigate the procurement process.

Selling to the NSW Government Guide and Factsheet

 Selling to the NSW Government: A Guide for Small Business, provides key information about the processes and requirements involved in supplying goods and services to the NSW Government, such as how to become qualified to tender, how to identify tender opportunities and how to respond to a tender.

The guide also includes templates for required tendering documents, such as a business's capability statement and a referee report.

The factsheet, Selling to the NSW Government - A Quick Reference for Small Business, is a ready reference on key steps in the tendering process and where to find opportunities.

Download the guide  Download the factsheet

Free training and guides

The NSW Small Business Commissioner has developed education resources to help small businesses qualify as government suppliers and compete successfully for government contracts. These resources will also help you improve your tendering skills in local council and private sector contracts.

Online training through TAFE NSW

The Commission has partnered with TAFE NSW to deliver free online training on how to become a successful supplier to the NSW Government. The training covers:

  • Getting Business Ready
  • Finding Opportunities
  • Selling to Government
  • Successful Supplying

Those who successfully complete the courses receive a certificate of acknowledgment.

To start the course, or for more information, visit:

TAFE NSW Selling to NSW Government Micro Skills course

Finding tender opportunities

NSW Government

The NSW eTendering website lists current, upcoming and closed tender opportunities from Government agencies. 

Local Councils

Councils list tender opportunities in their local government area on their websites. You can find your Local Council website through the Office of Local Government.

Local procurement: A guide to doing business with local councils

This guide includes the information you need to better understand how to win work with local Councils and tips to improve your chances of submitting a successful quote or tender bid.

Download the guide

Becoming a supplier to government was the making of building and construction company, BYGroup

Winning Business

If you are new to contracting, you can also try the Commission's free online course Winning Business, to help you improve your business pitch when bidding for private or public sector contracts.