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What we do

If you’re a small business in NSW, we’re your biggest ally. Through advocacy and mediation we help resolve issues impacting your business.

The NSW small business landscape at a glance

Small businesses play a vital role in NSW. They are critical cogs in our thriving economy and they contribute so much to our diverse local communities. A small business is defined as an actively trading, unincorporated or incorporated business that employs less than 20 people.

Small businesses in NSW, comprising 98% of all NSW businesses
(ABS, 8165.0, 2017-18 – latest available).

NSW small businesses employ

people in the private sector, which is around 44% of the State’s private sector workforce
(estimated from ABS, 8155.0, 2017-18 – latest available).


The NSW small business sector pays more than

in annual wages and salaries to employees every year (estimated from ABS, 8155.0, 2017-18 – latest available).


NSW small businesses contribute more than

to annual sales and service income
(estimated from ABS, 8155.0, 2017-18 – latest available).

Approx. 67% of NSW small business owners are male and 33% female. Female involvement is significantly understated, with many acting in key advisory and support roles in the running of family businesses (ABS, Census 2016, latest available).

of small business operators live outside the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Region
(ABS, Census 2016, latest available).

of small business operators were born overseas
(ABS, Census 2016, latest available).

Age of small business
owners in NSW

Industries by business counts
(0-19 employees).

Professional, Scientific
& Technical Services

Agriculture, Forestry
& Fishing

Rental, Hiring
& Real Estate Services


Financial & Insurance Services

This data is based on the latest available estimates from the ABS 8155.0 2016-17.