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Farm accommodation

Diversifying into agritourism will soon be faster and easier for NSW farmers, helping to open a potential new income stream. However, it can be tricky and time consuming to navigate the right process and policy to make it happen.

Wallabadah Art Shack

That’s why we’ve partnered with Service NSW to simplify the requirements for starting and running an agritourism business.

The project will identify and map the licensing and approval requirements for several common agritourism activities, making it easier for farmers to know what’s what.

Attracting visitors to farms presents a huge economic opportunity for NSW. Since identifying it as a key sector for the state economy, Tasmania has grown agritourism into a sector worth $1.1 billion annually. With more than 12 times the land area and 14 times the population, agritourism presents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for the NSW economy. As NSW farmers experience another severe drought affecting 100% of the state, agritourism also offers another avenue to keep farmers on the farm and jobs in the regions.

We’re working with several Council areas to trial and understand the regulatory processes farmers have to navigate in setting up on-farm agritourism businesses. After mapping this customer experience, regulatory reform will be implemented.