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Free confidential business advice

Our team provides free, confidential advice to small businesses having issues with third parties.

Our highly trained mediators that provide information, strategic and procedural advice to small business owners experiencing disputes, as well as information about commercial agreements or leases, all for free.

Whether it’s a landlord dispute, unpaid invoice, issue with a government department, or you need some help with contract terms, our friendly team are here to give you advice, talk you through your options and next steps.

Fill out the form below to find out how we can help you.

The information I have provided in this form will be collected and used by the NSW Small Business Commission for the purpose of responding to my enquiry. Providing my personal information is not required by law but if I choose not to provide the requested information, the NSW Small Business Commission will not be able to contact me about my enquiry. I can request access to any of my personal information held by the NSW Small Business Commission at any time by asking to speak to their Privacy Coordinator.

My personal information being used to contact me for a quick survey once my enquiry has been finalised. The survey is an opportunity to provide feedback about how my enquiry has been dealt with.