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Small Business Friendly Councils initiative

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The Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) initiative provides NSW Councils with information, workshops and networking opportunities to help them boost support for local small businesses.

Councils are all about enhancing their community. Through this initiative we work directly with councils to make that a reality by offering relevant advice and resources to help them invigorate their small business sector and local economies.

Our events and programs are designed to bring the best ideas and strategies to councils and businesses in all corners of the state.

Download the fact sheet.

Small Business Friendly Council resources

We have resources to help Councils support their local small businesses including fact sheets, guides, case studies, tool kits and best practice articles.

Case Study Library

Councils across NSW undertake awesome work to help their local small businesses thrive. We’d love to share the knowledge gained so other Councils can be inspired. The case study library has stories about successful initiatives such as a retail or place activation, a business engagement or event that has helped local businesses and economies.

Visit the case study library to get inspired.

Fact sheets and guides

Building Small Business Resilience

Preparing for a disaster is simply good business. It could be the difference between a business being out of action for a few days or never reopening. We've developed a range of resources to help small business owners both prepare and recover from disasters.

  • Get Ready Business guide which helps business owners prepare for disaster in five simple steps.
  • Get Back to Business guide – a step-by-step guide for business owners dealing with a disaster. It outlines how small businesses can recover and even bounce back better than ever. The guide provides information on the five phases of disaster recovery – from the moment disaster hits to the days, weeks and months ahead.
  • Guide to making insurance claims helps small business owners in the recovery phase, guiding them through the often-complicated insurance claims process and providing advice if they encounter issues with providers.

Advice for running a small business

  • Starting a home business guide – a quick reference guide to some key requirements for starting and running a home business.
  • Visual merchandising guide – This provides ten easy to follow tips on things to help keep customers coming through the door and making purchases! Everything from store layout, lighting, music, window displays, and even the colour of the walls are all important elements when it comes to visual merchandising.
  • Working with local media – a fact sheet Councils can share with tips on how small businesses can engage with the media to potentially get a story promoting their business.

Online resources

  • Buy local to keep local economy ticking over – Adopting a unique ‘buy local’ initiative is a great way to keep business ticking over and money circulating in your local area – especially with many small businesses feeling the effects of the drought, bushfires and COVID-19.
  • Drought support for small businesses– We’ve developed support programs to help small businesses and communities across NSW which have been hard hit by ongoing drought.  .
  • Helping home businesses  – Home businesses are a vital part of NSW’s economy, and we want to make it easier for them to thrive. That’s why we’ve developed this web-based resource which provides information on requirements, where to go for support, and a helpful guide for getting started.
  • Keeping main streets vibrant - We’ve put together this article to help give councils practical ideas on ways to support small businesses boost their business and in turn, revitalise their mains streets. This can help put a town or suburb on the map as an attractive retail option for locals and visitors alike.
  • Quick guide to making insurance claims – We're making it easier for small businesses to lodge an insurance claim through this step-by-step guide. It’s all about taking the stress out of the process for small businesses and getting their claim paid as quickly  as possible after a disaster or disruption.
  • Working with local media – some tips on how small businesses can engage with the media to promote their business and boost their bottom line! 
  • Engaging with CALD businesses - advice for Councils to help them foster mutually beneficial relationships with diverse small business communities.
  • Local Area Acceleration Toolkit for Councils - a resource to support councils identify key elements of a plan to develop a local 24-hour economy in their communities.

Contact us for more information about the SBFC program.