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Help with unfair treatment or red tape

As an independent voice supporting small business, the Commissioner works proactively to identify and resolve systemic issues impacting the small business sector.

The Small Business Commission strives to project a strong voice for small business, and engages directly with government about small business issues.

We work with small businesses, all levels of government and with peak bodies to look for issues that restrict small businesses’ growth and progress. The Commissioner can make representations at the highest levels, query government policy, make suggestions, and generally speak up for small businesses, whether it's an individual case or on behalf of a whole industry.

These are the types of situations we can help with:

  • Red tape burdening small businesses
  • Unfair treatment of a small business by another business, a local Council or NSW Government agency
  • Issues that have a public interest.


We also offer low cost mediation services to businesses in dispute. For free, confidential business advice contact us.

Contact us to let us know about unfair treatment or red tape.
Read some of the submissions we've made to government about small business issues.
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