Help with unfair treatment or red tape

The NSW Small Business Commissioner represents an independent voice for small business issues within government. It proactively identifies and works to resolve systemic issues impacting on the small business sector. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or that you are experiencing an issue that affects small businesses as a whole contact us.

How we can help

We will become involved in a matter where:

  • Red tape is burdening small businesses;
  • The matter relates to the unfair treatment of a small business by another business or a local or state government body; or
  • It is in the public interest to deal with the matter.

We cannot challenge the decisions of regulators, for example relating to the outcome of a licence application or development application, or the imposition of conditions or statutory fees or charges.

However, where there is an allegation that the regulator has acted unfairly in the application of its authority, the Commissioner may offer dispute resolution services to assist the parties in resolving the matter.

Applying for help

  1. Make appropriate attempts with the other party involved to try to resolve the complaint in the first instance or, in the case of red tape, document the burden on businesses
  2. Following step 1, email us for assistance. You can post your complaint to the NSW Small Business Commissioner GPO Box 5477 SYDNEY NSW 2001, or fax it to (02) 8222 4816

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