Container Deposit Scheme Transitional Assistance Program

The NSW Government has established Return and Earn, a container deposit scheme (CDS), to help reduce litter.

The scheme is managed by Exchange for Change, while TOMRA-Cleanaway is responsible for establishing and managing collection points and collection infrastructure across NSW.

The NSW Government will provide small loans through a Transitional Assistance Program to help eligible beverage suppliers during CDS implementation.

The program is being administered by the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner.

About the loans program

First suppliers of eligible drink containers in NSW must be registered with and approved by the NSW Environment Protection Authority and have a supply arrangement with Return and Earn.

Loans will be available to help cover eligible beverage suppliers’ payments to the CDS due between November 2017 and January 2018. The loans are to be fully repaid over the nine months from February 2018 to October 2018.


A beverage supplier is eligible to apply for a loan if it:

  • has entered into a supply arrangement with the Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change (EfC)
  • has beverage sales revenue of at least 50% of total sales for its business group (measured over the most recent full financial year of operation)
  • is NOT a member of EfC
  • is NOT a major retailer or owned by or controlled by a major retailer or contracted to manufacture beverages whose sales revenue exceeds 10% of total sales for the business group on behalf of a major retailer
  • is NOT a publicly listed company, or owned by a publicly listed company, or a member of a group of entities related by ownership with total employees exceeding 200, or total sales exceeding $50 million in the most recent full financial year of operation
  • is predominantly based in NSW.

An eligible applicant will demonstrate that it is a viable business whose cash flow will be temporarily affected by the NSW CDS.

If you have any queries or comments about your eligibility, contact us for further information (details below).

Loan funding arrangements

  • Loans will be available during the period 1 November 2017 to 31 January 2018 (applications should be lodged towards the beginning of this period)
  • The maximum amount an eligible beverage supplier can borrow is $200,000 (for the three month period)
  • Applicants should estimate the loan total sought for the three month period by using their November invoice from EfC, or another appropriate method to seek provisional approval
  • The loan may only be used to pay the beverage supplier’s contributions under the CDS
  • The applicant must submit invoices from EfC to substantiate the loan amounts actually provided
  • Loan disbursements are expected to occur in November, December and January, based on the EfC invoices
  • Loan repayments by the applicant must begin in February 2018
  • The loan must be fully repaid in monthly instalments by 31 October 2018, or sooner.

The loan is interest free. However, interest may be charged on any overdue repayment amounts.

How to apply

Download, complete and lodge an application form, available in Word or PDF below:

Loans will be administered by the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner.

Completed loan applications can be returned via:

More information

Phone 02 8222 4884 or email if you have any questions about the NSW CDS Transitional Assistance Program.