What to expect from our service

The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner is your first stop if you have a commercial dispute. Our role is to help you find a solution, ideally through the use of negotiation, information and/or mediation, rather than litigation.

The first thing we do is listen to you and try to help you identify the key parts of the problem. We can give you strategic and procedural advice to help you "help yourself" and sort out whatever issues are getting in the way of your business success.

If the problem continues, we are happy to also talk to the other side about it, to hear their perspective and help identify what needs to be addressed to allow both parties to get on with their businesses. We call this our informal mediation service. We can help you identify the key areas of focus and most importantly, we help you take your own side effectively.

Where problems are too complex to be dealt with over the phone we arrange a formal mediation session for everyone to sit down and work through the issues.commercial dispute process

Our staff are formally trained to mediate commercial disputes, and we help all parties. In addition, we have a panel of independent professional mediators with a wide range of commercial experience. With our help, most parties can work out their problems before needing a court or tribunal decision.

  • Landlords and tenants of shops and restaurants, industrial or commercial premises
  • Small businesses
  • Big businesses
  • Local Government
  • NSW Government agencies
  • Motor vehicle dealers
  • Smash repairers and insurers
  • Poultry industry
  • Wine producers and grape growers
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Suppliers, wholesalers and purchasers
  • Service providers
  • Franchises
  • Unfair contracts,
  • Debt recovery