Looking Ahead: Preparing Small Business for the Future

What does the future hold for your business?

Looking ahead: Preparing Small Business for the Future, provides you, a small business owner in NSW, with insights into changes to look out for over the next 10 years and how they might affect your business.

What changes might affect your business?

This resource considers possible changes according to the following themes:

1. Access to finance and the macro economy

2. Demographic change

3. Technology

4. Engaging customers and other stakeholders

5. The built environment

6. The policy environment

7. Utility costs

Making predictions is difficult but a look to the future can be very valuable. In some themes discussed in this paper, there are trends (e.g. the ageing population) and changes (e.g. planned infrastructure) that can be predicted with some confidence.

For other themes, the future is highly uncertain. Regardless of the level of certainty, the process of forecasting is a key step in identifying risks and opportunities and the management of risks.

This snapshot accompanies the Looking Ahead: Preparing Small Business for the Future resource and provides a with a quick insight into likely changes over the next 10 years across several themes.

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