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Help to avoid retail lease disputes

Business owner and customer in shop

Small businesses and lessors (landlords) can be better informed about their rights and responsibilities under a retail lease and learn how to avoid and resolve disputes with the launch of the NSW Small Business Commission’s updated Retail Tenancy Guide

The Retail Tenancy Guide 2020 provides advice for both lessees and lessors at each stage of a tenancy agreement: from knowing your rights and obligations, and asking the right questions before the lease is signed, to the costs of leasing, how to resolve disputes and dealing with end of lease issues.

The guide was developed in consultation with key industry associations and also includes checklists for both lessees and lessors to consider before signing a lease and a useful glossary of terms.

We encourage small businesses and lessors to use this guide when researching leasing options and at every stage of the life of a retail lease but especially before signing or renewing a lease.

The guide does not replace professional advice or cover every aspect of the law. Lessees and lessors are strongly advised to get independent professional advice before signing a lease.

The NSW Small Business Commission administers the Retail Leases Act 1994 and in the event of any disputes during a lease, offers a cost-effective mediation service.

Please contact us for further information and support.

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