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Getting a copy of your lease

Your lease is a very important legal document that you should keep in a secure place. The lease is evidence of the deal you have made with the landlord and everything both parties have agreed to.

When you start negotiating a retail lease, the landlord or agent is legally required to give you a copy of the proposed lease.

After the lease has been negotiated and agreed to, the landlord or agent must give you an executed copy of the lease within three months after the tenant has returned the signed lease to the landlord or the landlord’s agent or lawyer.

The three-month period may be extended to allow enough time for the landlord to get consent from a head landlord or mortgagee.

If you need advice about getting a copy of your lease or if you have problems with your retail lease, contact us.

If your lease has been registered, you can get a copy of it, for a fee, from NSW Land Registry Services.