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How mediation can help

We’re committed to achieving solutions for commercial landlords, tenants, and small businesses. 

We want to help parties in a dispute work through their problems, but we also want to try and stop it getting to that point. 

We have the expertise to give you procedural and strategic advice, which is often all it takes for parties to find their own resolution. If it needs to progress further, we arrange a an independent mediator from our panel to work through the issues at a time that suits everybody. 

The mediator works to identify the key issues and leads the discussion to keep the parties focused on the best commercial outcome. A binding agreement can be made that will provide certainty for the short, medium, or long term benefit of all parties. 

We’re proud to say that more than 90% of matters which are filed with us do not need to be decided in the courts. 

In fact, before a court or tribunal can make a decision on certain matters, by law you may be required to attempt mediation with us. The mediation process is essential in minimising the costs of business and commercial disputes. 

To find out about legal mediation requirements or to talk about mediation and our service, contact us

The key benefits of mediation are: 

  • The parties have greater control over the outcome, rather than having a ruling enforced on them by a court. 

  • Anything said in mediation is confidential and cannot be used in later court cases. This encourages open communication and honest problem solving. 

  • The mediator doesn’t take sides—they help both parties find a practical solution to the problem. 

  • The overwhelming majority of matters are resolved without needing to involve the courts.