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Getting help with a landlord dispute

Commercial disputes can disrupt your business, damage your reputation and cost you a lot of time and money.

We offer information, advice and mediation services for businesses caught up in all types of business-related disputes.

For many people, initial strategic and procedural advice from us is enough to work out their issue.


Our qualified and experienced staff can help with mediation of leasing and other commercial disputes, helping the parties involved resolve their issues and reach an agreement out of court.

If you opt for mediation, one of our advisers talks to you and to the other side to help both sides identify what needs to be addressed.

If a problem is more complex than can be dealt with through our case managers, we arrange a mediation session where all parties can work through the issues together. Sometimes this is the first time each party has listened to the other’s story from start to finish.

The mediator, who isn’t on anyone’s side, helps to identify the issues that need to be discussed and keeps the discussion on track. As issues are opened up, each side becomes better informed about their choices and how the problems might be sorted out.

Most of the time, when the parties better understand the issues, they choose to agree on a way forward. Mediation usually results in a binding agreement between them. When parties have control of their issues and the resolution, they are more likely to keep the agreement they’ve made.

Mediation is so effective that most matters referred to us are resolved without having to go to court. By law, you may be required to attempt mediation with us before a court or tribunal can consider your issue.

As well as our own mediation staff, we have a panel of independent professional mediators who have a wide range of commercial experience.


Mediation is essential in minimising the costs – financial, emotional and time – of business and commercial disputes.

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