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Mandatory check-in: QR code requirements and other information 

Check-in is required by staff and customers when they enter certain premises 

If your business or organisation is required to implement mandatory check-in, you will need to provide a NSW Government QR code at your premises to allow staff, contractors and customers to check-in or get someone to check-in on their behalf using the Service NSW app.
Setting up electronic check-in and QR codes 
To set up a QR code for your business or premise, you need to register your business as COVID-Safe. You can register your business here.

To check if you have already registered your business as COVID-Safe, visit Check if you are registered.

To learn more about Service NSW QR code system and to register for COVID-Safe check-in, visit Setting up electronic check-in and QR codes
Rules for businesses and occupiers of premises 
If you are a business, organisation or occupier of any of the premises where check-in is required, you need to take reasonable steps to ensure a person can provide their contact details when they enter the premises. 
For example, you can do the following: 

  • display your QR codes in prominent locations 
  • remind people to check-in when entering your premises 
  • where possible, keep an eye out for new people who have entered your premises 
  • ask to see the ‘green tick’ on the Service NSW app and check it relates to your premises. 

If it’s not possible for a person to check-in using the ServiceNSW app, you must provide an alternate sign-in method at the premises. All paper records must be transferred to a digital format within 12 hours and stored securely for 28 days.
For more information on the check-in rules, including if someone refuses to check-in, visit the Mandatory electronic check-in page

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