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Local procurement toolkit for councils

The NSW Small Business Commission has created a Local Procurement Toolkit to help councils and their local businesses to do more work with each other

The process of tendering for work with councils can involve complex documentation and insurance requirements, which many small businesses struggle to navigate.

The Local Procurement Toolkit contains information and tools for councils on ways to provide opportunities and encourage their  local businesses to tender successfully for local Government work, and tools and templates to assist them to become ‘tender ready’.

Resources for councils 

Local Procurement Toolkit guide
A narrated guide to using the toolkit.

Improving opportunities to work with councils factsheet
Practical advice and information on ways local councils can improve their procurement processes and policies.

Maturity model framework guide
Guide to the maturity model framework for procurement, which helps councils set up and improve their procurement structure and processes. 

Insurance guide
Outlines the insurance requirements for small businesses to work with council. The guide can also be shared with local businesses.

WHS questionnaire
A quick reference tool for councils to assess the risk associated with a procurement.

Resources for councils to share with small businesses

Guide to doing business with your local council
Helpful information and tips for small businesses on how to do business with local councils.

Insurance factsheet
Assists small businesses to understand the insurance requirements when preparing tender documents for council.

Business capability template
Assists in demonstrating a business’s resources, abilities and capacity.

Customer service template
Assists in demonstrating a business’s customer service policy and practices.

Environmental sustainability template
Helps businesses demonstrate their environmental and sustainability credentials.

Download the Local Procurement Toolkit


More information 
Contact our Customer Service team on 1300 795 534 or send an online query.