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How do I lodge a retail bond?

To lodge a retail bond, download and fill the Retail Bond Lodgement form from our site.

Once all parties have completed and signed the form, you have two payment options:

  1. Cheque

To pay by cheque, send the completed form and a cheque payable to the NSW Small Business Commissioner to the following address:

PO BOX W275, Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150

  1. Electronic fund transfer (EFT)

To pay by electronic fund transfer, email us the completed form at [email protected]

Once we've received and processed your form, we'll email you bank details to transfer the bond money.


If you're a real estate and you're registered on WeAgree, you will be able to see your bond under ‘Leases’ once it is lodged and you will find an advice of lodgement on the Lease page.

If you're not registered for WeAgree and you'll need an advice of lodgement, or if you have questions about your bond, please contact us.