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How do I dispute a retail bond claim

At the end of the lease, the tenant and the property owner (landlord or lessor) or their agent need to complete and sign a claim form. The form directs how the bond is to be paid. If part of the bond money is owed to the property owner, the remainder may be paid to the tenant.

When only one of the parties signs a claim form, the other party is notified that there is a claim on the bond. If you have received a Notice of Claim and you do not agree with the other party’s claim and would like to dispute it, you need to do the following two things:

Should the Retail Bond team not receive notification of your dispute over the bond, the money will be paid after the 14-day period. If there is a dispute, the money is held until the dispute is resolved.

Important note: When you leave the shop, put in a change of address form with the post office so you can be notified of a claim made by the property owner. You can also update your contact details with the Retail Bond team by emailing [email protected]

Under the NSW Retail Bond Scheme, you can dispute the payment of a bond even after it has been paid out. However, if the bond is no longer held by the scheme, it may be difficult to get the funds from the other party without a court order.