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Support for commercial fishers

Be prepared to make decisions

We have compiled some resources to assist you to better understand the impact of your decisions on your business cashflow and profitability, and connect you with the right support to help with your individual business decisions.

The sheets and templates are available for download:

Need to prepare your business?

Business Connect can provide you with two free independent and confidential advice sessions. Call 1300 134 359 to speak to your local advisor or visit Business Connect.

Need financial or legal advice?

Grants are available from the Rural Assistance Authority (RAA). Call 1800 678 593 or visit the RAA website.

The NSW Small Business Commissioner helps businesses to resolve commercial disputes. Contact us for more information.

Need support for yourself and your family?

A number of free support services are available to assist anyone who is experiencing difficulty, stress or mental health issues, whether related to the Business Adjustment Program or not.

Phone the commercial fishing business adjustment hotline on 1300 726 488.

The Department of Primary Industries maintains a list of support services, most of which are available to fishers as well as rural primary producers.