About half of us in NSW work for one of the state's 765,000 small businesses. Small businesses make up 98% of all business; they're the backbone of Australia's economy. And on top of their direct contribution, small businesses' products and services are often vital to the efficient operation of their customers in larger businesses.

Recognising the vital role of small businesses, the NSW Government established the NSW Small Business Commissioner in 2013.

Here to help

Running a successful small business takes time and dedication. On top of actually providing the products and services they're in business for, small business owners are often their own marketing, sales, accounts and human resources departments.

Bigger businesses have more people as well as a greater capability to get outside help and advice when they need it. And where the issues of bigger businesses intersect with legislation, regulation and public policy, they have industry bodies and associations to put their case to state and local governments.

We're here to help small businesses operate as professionally, as efficiently and as successfully as they can. The way we contribute includes:

  • Serving as a neutral party in mediation and dispute resolution between small businesses or between a small business and a larger one or between a small business and government
  • Providing high quality business advice and advisors with access to world class tools
  • Speaking up for small businesses within government

Please call our We Assist Helpline on 1300 795 534 to let us know how we can help you.

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