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To be successful in small business it's important to be able to step back and look at the whole picture. How has the environment changed? Where is the business doing well? What could it do better? Is it time to make changes? To expand? What skills might you need for your business to thrive?

The NSW Government provides assistance for small-to-medium businesses through Business Connect (formerly Small Biz Connect). For more information on Business Connect services, visit

For services provided by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner, browse the links below.


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  1. Small Business Gets Social

    Small Business Gets Social

    Did you know we’re on social media?

  2. Flood Relief and Recovery Survey

    Flood Relief and Recovery Survey

  3. Point to Point Transport

    Point to Point Transport

    Free business advice for small businesses affected by the NSW point to point transport industry reforms

  4. Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

    Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

    A healthy mind makes a healthy business.