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The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner was created by the NSW Government as an independent and strong voice for small businesses within government. We are here to help small businesses raise issues like red tape or the unfair practices of state government, local governments or other businesses.

Big business have more capability to express their views to government. Small businesses are often not members of industry bodies and associations that can make a case for them. And to try to lobby the government on your own as a small business would be a daunting task. That's where we can help.

We work with small businesses directly and with peak bodies to look for issues that are holding small businesses back unnecessarily. The Commissioner can make representations at the highest levels, query government policy, make suggestions, and generally speak up for small businesses whether it's an individual case or on behalf of a whole industry.

You can use the links below to:

  • Let us know about unfair treatment or red tape
  • Read some of the submissions we've made to government about small business issues
  • See the subcontractor fact sheet we put together after a subcontractor contacted our office about the excessive number of documents they had to supply to the head contactor on a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) project


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